We’re back! For the first time.
Bean Cups (Pastéis de Feijão), in 'A Doçaria Portuguesa - Centro', by Cristina Castro and Gonçalo Barriga, page 140

We’re back! For the first time.

Welcome to the first post in The Gold Rush blog!

We have tried to make the most of the lockdown to think about how we did in our first year of operation and where we want to take this adventure. Well, we did better than expected, and we want to go global, obviously!

When we started at the beginning of 2019, we thought that bringing amazing produce from Portugal would be enough, and that our products, because they are so amazing, would simply fly off the shelves. It didn’t quite work that way…

The first surprise we had when we launched was that while everyone knows and likes pastéis de nata, very few people know anything else among the spectacular tradition of confectionery that Portugal has. No problem, that is our mission anyway, to promote other products. So surely everyone will want to try other Portuguese sweets, given how much they like pastéis de nata, right? No, and that was the second surprise; we have lost count of the amount of people who walked away when we say we don’t have pastéis de nata.

But we don’t throw in the towel so easily. Because our products are first class, and we know that those who did stop and listen to our story and tried our products left delighted and intrigued. And many returned. Phew! So slowly we are gaining a foothold in the world of Portuguese confectionery in the UK, and we have high hopes for the future.

So after a bumpy start and a few lessons learned along the way (not to mention a bruised ego here and there), we are back from lockdown with plans to expand our sales to retailers. We also tidied up our website, which was a little, er, neglected, and have paid more attention to our online shops, here at The Gold Rush, but also on Yumbles and Urban Makers.

So we are back for the first time, and we look forward to meeting again. See you out there!

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