About Us

We are foodies with a sweet tooth – aka sweeties! – who longed for the pastries we grew up with in Portugal but couldn’t find here (and we have looked and looked). So we decided to source the best and rarest treats from Portugal and bring them over ourselves. We celebrate the glory of Portuguese confectionery, which draws from century-old traditions and superb agricultural produce to create unique and exquisite pastries and sweets.

Our Mission

Our promise is to stock only the most delicious and traditional treats, with the highest ratio of pleasure to cake.
We are moved by our curiosity and obsession with food, and work only with small suppliers who use traditional recipes. The secrets of some of our treats are known to only one family, and have been passed down the generations for our enjoyment today.
We aim to cater to all, so we endeavour to offer a selection that includes gluten-free and vegan options, all yummy.

We travel around Portugal looking for good pastries and treats (someone has to do it!), and getting to know their producers. When we find a special taste and an interesting story, the magic happens.
Through our work we help to maintain local traditions and tastes and give them the wider audience they deserve.

How We Do It


We cater to private and corporate events. Our Continental Treats are ideal for dinner parties, tea parties, just parties, and that special business meeting. Please contact us at thegoldrush@continentaltreats.co.uk.

Have you seen us?

The Gold Rush was featured in the Lust List of Vogue UK’s March 2020 edition. Yes, that’s us: decadent and sexy. And golden!

In April 2020 our pastries were featured, highlighting the variety of products we offer.

And our glacé fruits deserved a mention too, as they are magnificent, and the people at Vogue loved them. That was May 2020.


The Gold Rush is committed to treading lightly on the Earth.
Our international transport emissions are fully neutralised as part of DHL’s GoGreen program, and we make all efforts to avoid the use of plastics in our packaging, including during transport.

Environmental Statement​


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