A star is born

A star is born

When The Gold Rush launched in 2019, we thought we would become a household name within months, as purveyors of fine foods to the discerning gentry. I mean, we were all set for a royal warrant! It turned out, however, that the road was a bit er… rockier than envisaged. From humble beginnings in markets across London, we started a slow ascent, and reached a point where we had some brand recognition, a few regulars, and a bit of presence in the media. Our social media profile increased, and we even started receiving invitations to some events. That was nice.

Then the world came crashing down in March 2020, and with one country toppling after another, we found that lockdown in Portugal cut us off from our suppliers. A new phase began in June 2020, when we tentatively reopened with a shift towards online sales and wholesale. And the path to stardom restarted.

In September we received some more recognition for our efforts in the form of one star awarded to our Golden Boats in the Great Taste Awards promoted by the Guild of Fine Food. One of the judges wrote this:

“An appealingly formed pastry, wonderfully crusty and flakey. The filling could barely be richer and sweeter – or more dense! But it works as an entity, there’s a great contrast between filling and flake. We’re craving a black coffee – and a large plate to catch the flying crumbs – but really admire how well made this is; and would enjoy it greatly with a cup of black coffee to hand.”

Well, we couldn’t have said it better! Replace ‘coffee’ with tea, hot chocolate, or even a nice Port, and their appeal is universal.

So, step by step, we’ll get there. Though we’re not sure a royal warrant will come this year anymore. We are holding out for 2021, though.

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